[DevilsFilm] Charly Summer (My Girlfriend’s Sis Is An Exhibitionist / 01.08.2022)

Maya Woulfe and David Lee have some exciting news for Maya’s sibling, Charly Summer. Maya and David are getting married! Charly is SO happy for them and gets even more excited when Maya invites her to be her bridesmaid at the wedding.

As they begin discussing details for the big event, David can’t help but notice that Charly, legs spread open under the table, isn’t wearing any underwear. Not only that, but Charly is making it very obvious that she WANTS David to see, rubbing her pussy back and forth in clear view of him while just out of sight of Maya. When Maya has to leave the room for a work call, David confronts Charly about her behavior, but she isn’t swayed. She LIKES doing this and wants his cock badly. David leaves the room before he does something he’ll regret.

To his surprise, David later finds Carly waiting naked for him in Maya’s bed. He’s just taken a shower and has nothing but a towel on, which gets Charly even more turned on. Seeing as this might be the last time he can get away with screwing Charly before he marries Maya, he gives in and drops the towel, showing her his hard cock.

David and Charly have passionate sex, giving in to their lustful desires behind Maya’s back. Guess the groom and bridesmaid will have LOTS to talk about at the wedding!










Date: enero 8, 2022
Pornstars: Charly Summer