[Girlsway] Aria Lee, Alexia Anders (A Revenge Best Served Catered / 09.01.2022)

Aria Lee doesn’t understand why her friend Alexia Anders didn’t invite her to her wedding. In fact, she’s pretty angry about it! Not only did Alexia not invite her, but she’s ignored all of Aria’s texts as well. She NEEDS to find a way to get in touch with Alexia if only to get a sense of what’s going on between them. Given this, Aria has come up with a plan. She’s decided to dress up as a caterer and try to sneak into Alexia’s house on the day of her wedding so that she can finally talk to her face-to-face.

Aria notices the actual caterers setting up through the backdoor, so she sneaks in that way. Workers are buzzing about, setting down beautiful white napkins and floral arrangements on some carefully laid out tables. Aria tries to sneak to Alexia’s room but runs into the wedding planner, Alison Rey. She’s a bit suspicious of Aria- the caterers aren’t supposed to be here until later… But Aria comes up with an effective excuse and manages to get inside the house with none the wiser.

When Aria finally tracks down Alexia, who’s looking stunning in her wedding dress, Alexia is shocked and surprised to see Aria. What is Aria doing here? She’s not supposed to be here! Aria pleads with Alexia to know what’s going on. She’s been ghosting her ever since the wedding was announced and they used to be such good friends. What’s happened between them? But Alexia won’t hear it and goes to leave the room and find someone to escort Aria from the premises. Aria tries to stop her but accidentally ends up ripping Alexia’s wedding dress, revealing her breasts. Alexia is furious and rips open Aria’s blouse in return.

The two ladies erupt into a ‘rippingly’ chaotic scuffle until they are both almost naked. They eventually call a truce and decide to talk things through, where Alexia surprisingly admits that the reason she didn’t invite Aria to her wedding is that she has romantic feelings for her. This takes Aria aback- she had no idea! It turns out that Aria has feelings for Alexia as well. She was trying to hide them since she didn’t want to complicate things for Alexia, but that’s no reason for them to not hang out anymore. They both realize that if they’re feeling these things for each other, maybe it means that they are MEANT to be together. Throwing caution to the wind, they decide to give in to desire and have intimate, romantic sex. The ‘caterer’ may not have gotten revenge this time around, but she certainly got something better- true love!








Date: septiembre 3, 2022
Pornstars: Alexia Anders / Aria Lee